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Géopolitologue, Docteure en Sociologie politique (EHESS), Chercheuse associée à la Fondation pour la Recherche Stratégique (FRS). Membre du CA de l'iReMMo. Carole ANDRE-DESSORNES est spécialiste des Rapports de forces et Violences / Méditerranée - Moyen-Orient & zones limitrophes. Chargée d'enseignement à l'ICP, Conférencière & Formatrice en Géopolitique, également auteure de nombreux articles et ouvrages.




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Lebanon Talks is holding its second edition under the title: Beyond Crisis, on the 15th of May in Beirut

LebanonTalks’ approach is action oriented. The first conference we held tackled the most urgent issues in the aftermath of the Beirut Blast. The second conference we are organising will focus on development policies, issues and opportunities. We are also working on diversifying our scope of action while still organising and facilitating conferences and events. Lebanon needs a sustainable, inclusive and participatory approach to development to mitigate the impact of the multidimensional crisis.

The diaspora has the potential to contribute to improving living standards not only by sending remittances, but also by playing a major role in supporting innovation across policy reforms, economics and community empowerment. In addition, it can be a driving force on topics related to women integration and representation, a sustainable political economy, good governance and democratic and inclusive public spaces.

Our conference targets in particular Lebanese and foreign researchers, academics and students interested in Lebanon and its region - and on a bigger scale all members of the Lebanese diaspora.

We are organizing our second Lebanon Talks edition to raise awareness about the diaspora’s potential across four crucial areas we consider to be enablers for social justice and progress in Lebanon. The different areas are divided into four panels as follows:


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